VOTE June 5, 2018




Sandy Sun

for Los Angeles County
Passion - Experience - Leadership

       In 168 years, there has never been a female Assessor.   

As an 18 year veteran of the Assessor’s Office, I am fully trained in both Real Property (RP) Appraisal and Personal Property (PP) Appraisal.  Appraisal is the foundation and the primary job function at the Assessor's Office.  Our primary focus is to discover all assessable property, establish a value for the property, and enroll the property value on the local assessment roll.  


The Assessor's office assesses a wide variety of properties ranging from homes, vacant land, complex commercial and industrial properties, natural resources such as oil refineries, shopping centers, taxable possessory interest, hotels and motels, apartment buildings, television and movie studios, sports stadium, theme parks, golf courses, landfills, boats and aircrafts, manufactured homes and etc.  


That is why the RP and PP appraisal training programs are both a one year intense and in-depth training program.  So with the two years cross-training and 18 YEARS ACTUAL HANDS-ON WORK EXPERIENCE in multiple sections and regions throughout the years; I bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and work experience to this position.  


I have the qualifications, desire and passion to serve the public. 

And I will continue to treat all people with HONESTY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, and GOODWILL.